Hi Jerry!
Your package of seasoning arrived and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I took a large jar to a girlfriend in the Northern Neck and she tried it and loved it. You should possibly be receiving an order from a couple from Chesapeake - we met them at Virginia Beach two weeks ago and they are on the ADKINS diet. They were sharing recipes with me and I told them about your seasoning - they were very interested and wanted your website which I sent them last week.
Thanks again,

Just received the Great Box of Jerry's Goodies, how very nice and I am
sure will be enjoyed for a long time to come. I bought some of the BFJS
seasoning last year at the Club Car in Clifton Forge, VA and have used it lots, just about out so timing was perfect. I love the aprons, and of course living in Fl. we use the grill a lot, Vic will be an expert now. Instead of flipping pizza dough like in years past, he can really get flipping hamburgers down perfect. Our Best Wishes to you all!
Vic and Petie

Hey Jerry,
I have heard all about you from Lacy. We recently were there for a visit, and she gave me one of your aprons, along with the seasonings. Let me tell you, it is the best, like Gary said excellent on eggs and just about everything. I have put it on just about everything I can think of and it is just very marvelous. Thanks to Lacy for turning me onto this and for the great apron. Appreciate it all! Keep it up, Jerry!

I like Big Fat Jerry's it is good on every thing I cook thanks for
making a great product. Sincerely,

Hello Jerry !!!
I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the entire Recovery Room and Pre-anesthesia nursing staff for the seasonings you sent !!!! We were so excited to receive them and there was plenty for all of us to pass around !!
Actually, we've already used the seasonings.... one of the Recovery Room nurses is moving to Richmond and we all had a going away party for her today. The main course was chicken on the grill and Caroline marinated the chicken using BIG FAT JERRY'S GOURMET SEASONING. I am sure you won't be shocked to hear that everyone really raved about how good the chicken tasted !!! We'll be sure to be pass around the positive reviews.
Thanks again for your generosity - we really appreciate it !!
Sandra RN (CRCH Recovery Room)

About a year ago someone gave me a sample to try on a flight from Atlanta to Roanoke, and we love it, I use it on just about everything.
B. Carper

I need to get from you about 2 pounds of your seasoning. The kitchen here is using it on the pizza crusts, breads, and seasoning for just about everything. Can I get this by just emailing you or do I need to order by the website? Let me know what is easiest for you. Thanks.
Frances, Manager

I am writing this to let you know how much I like your Big Fat Jerry's
Gourmet Seasoning. I have been cooking for many years and have tried a
number of seasoning mixes, most of which were satisfactory for the job at
hand. Yours, however, is the most versatile mix I have ever used. Not
only is it good on a whole spectrum of food types, but it is able to cross
the boundaries of different cuisine. It fits well with French dishes just
as easily as it does with Italian recipes. From eggs to veggies to
seafood to foccacia bread, this stuff goes well with it all.
Thanks for BFJ's and happy cooking.
A Satisfied User

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