Chicken breasts
Big Fat Jerry’s Gourmet Seasoning

Take as many boneless chicken breasts that you think your family and friends
will eat, then buy some more because when your neighbors smell them cooking,
they’re going to invite themselves over to eat.

This recipe can be done on a gas grill or an indoor grill (George Foreman, etc.)*
While your grill is getting hot, rinse your chicken breasts with cool water, and
pat dry. Place chicken on the hot grill.
Shake on some BFJ’s Gourmet Seasoning. Flip the chicken and season the other side.
Close the lid and cook until done. Usually 7 to 8 minutes.

*On an outdoor grill, the chicken may take longer.
Just remember to keep an eye on them and turn them occasionally until done.
P.S. Your old faithful charcoal grill will make them just as delicious. Enjoy!!